Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide professionally made and adjusted instruments which will meet the varying demands of all skill levels while vigorously promoting arts in education to the fullest extent possible. To this end we maintain a professional staff who are thoroughly trained in all related areas of expertise . We believe we must promote the classical arts in the development of young people as well as in our society in general and are committed to being a positive resource in the promotion of arts education and performance for the betterment of our world.

A personal word about our mission: I left college with all the skills I needed to be a music educator. I was afforded one of the best educations available in my area of study. At that time, however, in the early 70's, music programs were starting to fall victim to budget cuts and politcal and social imperatives which necessitated the change in music curriculum away from the classicly trained musicians towards more pop and entertainmnet oriented. I saw no future as a music teacher in the state of California so I "turned tail and ran", abandoning a great education, and left the world of music education for a career far removed from the arts (professional golf). I still performed music on the side but for the most part I abandoned my talent and my education. Two and a half decades later, when the opportunity presented itself, I opened my violin shop. But I made up my mind that as long as my business was open, I was going to give back to our music education system, that, partly as a penalty for my rash decision years ago and also because it's nothing more than any business or person should do. Therefore we work with students, parents, teachers, schools, school districts, suppliers and government to promote music education for our young people. We also ask that all those involved in music education at any level partner with us and help us share the burden of allowing our system to disintegrate decades ago. Many people say to me, "what are you talking about'? "We have music in our schools". Most of them have no idea the level of skill and competency which can be reached by the time kids reach 18 years. This, simply because they didn't grow up with the great programs and large budgets that myself and many others before me experienced. Indeed, we have raised two full generations of parents who have grown up without the benefits of great arts education. For this reason, I demand that all involved in the music industry give something of their time and resources to help restore this vitally important discipline if we are to once again raise up generations of well-rounded, free-thinking, creative people.